~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Happy birthday to Mikale, last day of class

Lots of work to get done today.
Today is Mikale's birthday! He's six. Getting so old! His family party will
be Sunday. When I checked the weather forecast yesterday it looked like it
should be nice this weekend. I hope so.
Today also is my last day of class. In some ways this is good. I can go back
to not having to rush around. It has been nice to be working on black and
white again. I think I'll keep shooting it through the summer. I'll have
class starting again in the fall. It will be 4-7 mondays and wednesdays.
This will work out better I think. No more rushing. I'm looking forward to
the class. I'll have to push myself harder than I did this time. Today I
need to remember to take Linda her books and DVD. I have books to take back
to the library too. I never even got around to reading them. They have been
sending me threatening letters. Understandable though since they were due
several months ago.

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