~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

refrigerator and stuff

I took all the food downstairs and put it in the other refrigerator. Only after I threw away the stuff that was old and/or no good I was left with not that much food. A few bags of baby carrots and some string cheese and a couple bottles of vitamin water. The rest was all condiments. We have almost a whole fridge full of bottles and jars of stuff to put on the food we don't have. Silly.

I left the stuff in the freezer upstairs. It seems to be better than the one downstairs, which seems like it warms things up and then re-freezes. I had a bag of frozen vegetables down there that was very frozen but in this solid lump. Not all crumbly and frozen like it should have been. The extra bag of ice from easter is like that too. Stupid thing.

Today I have stareted the day with a banana and now I'm having a cup of real cranberry juice. I felt the tiniest bit of twinge when I peed this morning so I figured it was a good idea to break it out and not let that get started. I just do not enjoy this stuf at all. It's so sour and almost bitter and bleah. But it will work. I knew I needed to be drinking more water lately. I don't think I even made it through a whole bottle yesterday and my other fluid came in the form of a Mike's Hard Berry mixed with frozen strawberry puree.

Ok I need to get a move on with all this drinking. I haven't even started my coffee. Might have to take it with me.

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