~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

migraine, movie, bpal, hair

Last night on the way to the movie I had my migraine aura spots. Had no
drugs though so I was hoping not to get a dreadful headache. It was mild but
I felt weird and tender-headed for the rest of the night. And I know there
is a possibility of it revisiting today, I still have that tender head
feeling. And now I want chocolate but I'm pretty sure that's one of the
things you're supposed to avoid. So no chocolate for me. Alas.
Today I am wearing Milk Moon. I was going to order another bottle yesterday
and then I forgot. I suppose I didn't really *need* one anyway. I do have a
lot of bpal. I think I will order aother bottle of Monster Bait: Bloody
Mary. It's very fruity good. They sent freebie imps too. So I'll have to
test them soon and see if there is anything that I end up liking.
I just read something that said that most women spend 40 minutes styling
their hair. And they have 3 to 5 hair brushes. I'm upset if mine takes 5
minutes and I've had the same one Mason Piesron brush since I was 14.
Perhaps later, when I am not at work, I will make a poll about hair styling
habits. I haven't made one in a long time. Usually I don't know what to ask.
Yesterday was more like spring. It was sunny and not cold. Pretty. My
grandma and I both thought the movie was "not bad". She said it wasn't her
kind of music. I just thought it felt a little long. Perhaps because it was
song after song after song. And it was pretty decent music. But I started to
fidget eventually. I don't usually.
I'm supposed to be picking Mikale up from school today.

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