~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

yesterday = fabulous

I feel all gimpy today. My back hurts. In a muscle-y sort of way. And in the
way where you keep making it hurt on purpose cause it feels like if you did
it enough it woudl stop hurting. Perhaps I slept wrong. I know I was a
little tossy turny last night. Warm. And had lots of dreams. I woke up
feeling sweaty-icky. And wanting more sleep. Tonight I'll just have to go to
bed early.
I need to get some pictures taken for my class. I meant to do that yesterday
but I was busy and I didn't get to it. I had it set up for people to have
their pictures taken with Bonnie. I had a sign up - "Have your picture taken
with the Easter Bonnie!" - And I had her ready to pose with a pretty ribbon
around her ears. Most people cooperated. My grandma, of course, did not.
The party was fabulous. The food was very good. Everyone had a good time. We
had an egg hunt. We played bunny bingo. People spent their bunny bucks at
the bunny store and each of the bunny bucks a person spent would be an entry
in the drawing for the grand prize easter basket. Mary won the basket.
People seemed pleased with the prizes from the bunny store. I got a bath
pillow, some socks (which I am wearing today), a little book of health tips,
and some pineapple scented bubbles (the blowing kind, not the bath kind). We
also had a couple puzzle books, candy, a kitchen timer, a mini radio, clay,
more scented bubbles, some stretchy bunnies, a ball catching game... and
probably more stuff I'm not thinking of.
For the party I made cupcakes, pasta salad, and scalloped potatoes. All of
them were yummy. Yay!
Today I will work on my taxes. And straighten up the house. And try not to
eat all of the left overs.

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