~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

bunch of stuff

Last night I was sleeping and I rolled over and quite forcefully head-butted
poor Steve in the face. I can't imagine that it was a pleasant way to wake
My phone has a new sparkly hello kitty charm. My dad and Donna sent a card
and the charm for my birthday. It's super cute!
I have pretty pastel easter M&Ms.
Yesterday I managed a pretty decent workout. But I also had a giant piece of
ice cream cake. So I suspect I didn't come out ahead. Today I have plenty of
healthful things to snack on here at work. I tend to want to nibble all
morning so it ought to be on not so bad things. I have an apple, a banana, a
plum, some baby carrots and hummus and some string cheese.
Yesterday I finally figured out how to fold up my ezcube. Good thing. It
takes up a lot of space. It's huge. I think I need to get another light or
two. I ordered a few things from amazon yesterday. A couple books on the
business side of photography and a light/stand/umbrella. I look forward to
playing with that.
I need to start playing with some of my prints to see if I can rescue some
things that seemed unusable. And to see how I might make use of the things
that are alreaady fine. I have some hand coloring to do.
Yesterday Steve and I went to evil walmart and bought kitty litter (special
kitty!) and cat food. Then we delivered them to my grandma. Didn't get to
stay long cause I was getting sleeeepy. It was fast approaching my bedtime.
I didn't even bother taking my shower until this morning. I was in bed at
about 10 minutes to 9; later than I wanted to be but still pretty early.
The open space above my desk now has a cute wind-up snail. It looked lonely
so I moved one of my chickens over from my monitor to keep it company. Still
a lot of space to work with but at least now it's not completely bare.
I suppose since I have time I should do some stuff I could put off until
later. But I might as well do it now I suppose.

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