~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

b-day, health, ezcube

Friday again already!
My birthday was nice. Happy wishes and cards were lovely. Birthday dinner
was extra yummy. And I managed to mostly stay on track with the making more
healthful choices thing. Even with the birthday yummy stuff set-backs.
Last night I let Gunnar kick my ass and this time it wasn't that bad. That
sounds like progress to me!
I did a lot of printing last night. I haven't scanned anything in quite a
while. I have a good sized stack now.
Steve got me an EZ cube! [link] So now I will be able to take even nicer pictures of
small things! I don't know what to put in there first. The little figures
Mikale gave me for christmas, some chickens. Hmm. Will have to look around
and see what I have. I'm sure I'll find things.
Time to do stuff.

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