~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

some from an email, some not

Still working on the getting healthier thing. So far it's still going well.
I'm torn between wanting to be really pleased and not wanting to get my
hopes up cause I've spent so long not being healthy and gaining more and
more weight that it seems like an almost impossible goal. But I don't want
to think like that. So instead I should pobably not think about it in the
long term yet. Just go along as I go and keep making better choices.
Counting calories is weird for me but it seems to be working. I was all
worried that it would mean depriving myself of things that are yummy and
eating only fruits and veggies forever and ever. But gradually I'm seeing
that it doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing and that portions really
do matter. Yes, I can still eat yummy things. I should just not gorge on
them. It's hard though. Portion control is something I struggle with.
Stopping when I'm not hungry any more instead of eating til I feel all
bleah. I've been working on it though.
The other thing with that is some actual exercise! It has been helping that
I've found a couple things that aren't boring so I've managed to make myself
do them. A few months ago Steve and I picked up this package at Bed, Bath &
Beyond that had DVDs and an exercise ball (Some Gunnar Peterson "core
secrets" thing) and finally a few weeks ago I popped the beginner workout in
and found that it didn't suck. Since then I've moved on to doing the other
two DVDs that came with it too. Even the advanced one! I feel good about
doing it but also like Gunnar Peterson is kicking my ass. That one is hard
to get all the way through.
This weekend I rented a few DVDs too. Only one out of the three didn't suck
but it was good enough that it made up for the other two. It's a workout DVD
but it's Samba dancing and I really like dancing. I really enjoyed the
couple classes I took when I was still at CMU (Latin Dance and Country Line
Dancing) and so it was nice to find a way to get some dancing in again. So
if you like workout DVDs at all, I definitely recommend those two.
I have a hair appointment today. It's not growing fast enough. I don't know
what else to do though. I'm taking a daily pre-natal vitamin supplement, I
wash every other day, keep it gently back or up almost all the time. What
else is there?

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