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good morning and a link

Saw a bit about this guy on TMZ the other day. Check him out. [link] I especially enjoyed Night Ripper Tracks. Tons of stuff in there. Much of it I didn't even recognize.

Kitties are home again. Neutered. Poor kitties.

The Baby Cat is next to me all purry. One of them vomited kitty kibble on the carpet in the TV room. Ick. I like looking at The Baby Cat. He's so stripey! You can sort of see in the icon pic with him standing on my shoulder.

I have been working on being healthier. So far so good. Except for my bad food choices last night at Applebees. I think I shall just have to keep away from restaurants for the time being. Except for Wednesday, which is my birthday, when I am going out to Genji for some yummyness. Otherwise I'm doing well with it. Making better choices, keeping track of what I'm taking in, working in some movement. And when I did the math, I realized I could hit my goal in one year if I lost only 1.3 pounds per week. That actually seems do-able. Makes it seem much less hopeless than just thinking of it as 70 lbs.
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