~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

need to clean

The house is badly in need of cleaning. Playful kitties really make a mess of things.

Yesterday I went to the mall to get my camera's idiot insurance up to date and to ask what might be my camera's issue. Greg switched a setting on my camera, told me a couple things to try to do and if it doesn't help to bring it in and it can get sent in to be looked at.

After Ritz I stopped at Victoria's Secret. They send a $10 gift card to use during your birthday month if you have their credit card. I no longer shop there for lingerie as their quality is terrible. And because my boobies are too big for it. Alas. But they do have some nice scented body things. So I got some lotions, a body oil spray, some lip gloss and ended up with a free lipgloss and tank top. I of course spent over the 10 but I think I did very well for what I got vs what I spent. Yay!

Right now I'm enjoying some coffee and thinking about breakfast.
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