~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

daily stuff

The weeks have been flying by at an alarming speed. It feels that way
Yesterday I went to see my nurse practitioner lady to get migraine stuff.
She gave me a prescription and a card to go with it that would get it paid
for. Promotional thing from the drug company I guess. Yay to that. So when I
get around to it, perhaps today. I will get 9 imitrex. Which should last me
a very long time. Especially since I can cut them in half.
I drove home to g-ma's after. Hung out there for the afternoon. Checked my
email, ate a frozen meal that was less than healthful, helped her put up her
suet feeders for the birds. Made it over there two days in a row. It was
The day before, I stopped at evil walmart before and bought Special Kitty
kitty litter (the name just amuses me), bananas, Gardenburgers and Hummus
for her. And Airborne, bananas, deoderant and lots of socks for me. It
pleases me that I have found a place with dollar socks. Today I am wearing
turtle socks! They are cute. Later in the afternoon g-ma and I went to save
a lot for kitty food and then to kroger for ice cream and lotto tickets. I
also bought yummy cookies.
I went pillow shopping last night. I have a new memory foam pillow. It's
definitely tall enough. And since it's memory foam, I hope that that will
mean it won't get all flat like all pillows seem to. My neck still hurts,
but no worse than yesterday I don't think. Got to bed last night at 8:00 and
got up today at 5:20. So terribly early. But not so bad when I've gotten
enough sleep.

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