~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

stuff to do and stuff done

Today I will go to the store and buy some hummus and maybe some bananas for
my grandma and hopefully some Airborne for me. The Zesty orange flavor. It
has orange flavor that tastes like it came from an actual orange.
I am tired and not quite with it so far today. I went to bed early but woke
up mid dream when the alarm went off. I feel better than I did yesterday but
I started hitting the drugs first thing. This helps!
Today I also will take some bread to my grandma.
I need to take some pictures. This roll is supposed to be more scripted and
I have trouble with that. Maybe if I'm lucky I can convince my grandma to
cooperate and let me take some of her.
Yesterday I went to lunch with Matt. Chinese yay! Later I went walking (it
was unpleasantly blowy and cold) with Mike, then had food and watched taped
To Catch a Preditor. Then I went home and went to bed.
Sunday I went to an antiques store in Tawas and bought something fabulous. I
will take pictures. I also went to a cheese store and got some cheese and a
cow bowl that says Moo! inside. I should take pictures of that too. This
reminds me that I really ought to get my camera in to be looked at. Perhaps
later this week or this weekend.

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