~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

carrots (our intestines' friends!)

I am eating baby carrots. Here is some information on carrots I found. Some
of it amused me.

Carrots [link]
Daucus carota

It is one of the richest food in beta-carotene. This molecule is responsible
for the orange color of the carrots.
Beta-carotene is a vitamin A precursor. Our body transforms it into vitamin
Their feathery leaves are an indication of freshness. They have to be crisp
and bright green.

Health benefits

The carotene has an antioxidant property which may reduce the risk of
certain cancer and aging disease.
Carrots help you have a healthy skin and a good night vision.
Carrots are our intestines' friends. They regulate our transit. The pectin
they contain helps us in case of diarrhea and the cellulose increase our
transit. This rich amount of fiber has a protective effect against colon
This vegetable may boost your immune system and lower the risk of lung
Carrots may lower blood cholesterol levels and increase the lactation.

It seems that carotene in supplement is not as effective as carotene provide
by the food.

Apparently, the molecule responsible for the red color of tomatoes enhances
the body absorption of beta-carotene. Try as much as possible to combine
them either in a salad or in a casserole.

Too many carrots can make your skin turn yellow-orange. It is a reversible
condition. Within a few weeks your skin will return to normal if you stop
eating carrots.
People like to eat carrots to prepare themselves to sun exposure. Be
careful, it does not preserve from sunburns. It is better to use suncream
than this method.

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