~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dream, box of hamsters/kittens

I was very dreamy last night. one of the things I dreamed had a similar
theme (maybe that't not quite the word I want. I've had the type of dream
before) to dreams I've had in the past. I was in my bedroom at home (g-ma's)
and it had more stuff in it than it does currently. But in the dream I don't
think I was currently using it either. And it was like I hadn't been in it
in a long time. And I found a box of hamsters in there. Well, they were
hamsters at first. Later they became kittens. And next to the box was an
aquarium full of water and planty bits. And i don't know if there were
critters in it or not. A hamster jumped in and started swimming and I
scooped it out and pet it and put it back in the box. Then it was just one
of those dream things where things are suddenly different but you don't
actually notice at the time. Cause then there were kittens. Lots of them. A
few were sick and there was one dead on the floor under the box. I was
trying to feed them. I don't remember the rest. It was a long dream.
I've had dreams like that before with just bunches of kittens, often trying
to get out of somewhere.
Tags: dream

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