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bit tongue, snacks, steve back, cold, class today - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
bit tongue, snacks, steve back, cold, class today
I just bit my tongue. I hate that. Usually it's when I'm eating, or when I'm
trying not to spit all over when sneezing. This was a sneeze one. I got it
way in he back on the side. Then it will often swell enough that I'm likely
to get it again. :(
Today I brought garlic herb crackers, pudding and raisins. I still have
apple sauce and butter crackers in my desk too. And Lemonheads. And Jolly
Ranchers. Ooh and mandarin orange segments. I'm all set in the snack
department. This is good in case I forget to bring something. It happens.
Last night Steve returned from Chicago. Pumpkin seemed to manage better this
time. I think she ate this time at least. I didn't witness it but she didn't
end up all scrawny looking like last time. I think having the other cats
around probably helped. Steve brought dinner and Lush and Ethel's. So I had
a veggie sandwich and chicken noodle soup from Tim Horton's (yum!) and a
pile o Lush (not fun stuff, mostly just my daily routine stuff- though he
did get me some Bob soap! Wee!), and a box of Ethel's truffles. He got a box
og cocktail chocolates for my g-ma and brought back his parents' newspapers
for her.
I have clean hair today. I wash it at night before bed so it has the chance
to sort of dry. It beats hair-cicles in the morning. Today I am wearing a
brownie-coffee oil mix from Widdershin (acquired at the Renaissance
Festival). It smells so good. Not really like coffee or brownies. It's a
rich chocolate scent with deeper notes of I don't know what. It's yummy.
Today is very cold. I do not like it. I think we're supposed to have a high
of 20. Bleah.
I have class today. I don't know what I'll work on. I'll probably start on
some holga stuff and see what I can coax out of it. I will need a refresher
on what I need to do differently to print the larger film. A different
carrier and a different lens. Have to locate both though. I have a couple
books of Linda's. I'm goign to look through one of them and make notes of
things I'd like to try.
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From: mizzkel Date: January 30th, 2007 04:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
I bit my tongue so hard around Xmas time that my mom thought it needed stiches!! That is the suckiest thing to do, I always bite the inside of my cheek, it does the same thing and swells, then you keep biting it!
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