~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

icky breakfast, photo stuff, $ stuff

I just ate a blueberry danish. It wasn't very good (but it wasn't that bad
either. eh.) but I had coffee and a little container of yogurt for breakfast
and it just wasn't holding me. I brought fruit and crackers today for snack.
Those will be more yummy. I have noticed that if I eat granola/snack type
bars with fiber and protein (And not even the really yucky ones. The ones
that are still not *that* good for you. Like Kashi, and those caribou coffee
ones) I feel all gurgly and gassy for like the rest of the day. I do not
like this. So I have stopped using them for my snack. I don't remember this
always being the case. But maybe I just don't remember.
I am sleepy and I would like a nap. Today I should read photo books. And
continue to not load the Sims onto my laptop. I grabbed it up when I was at
home (g-ma's) and have so far left it on the table next to my computer. I
know it's a bad idea. And I know it's like crack. And I know I will never
ever get anything else done. And I know that I successfully managed to give
up the crack and I should be thankful and not invite it back into my life.
But... I want to! Instead I will try to talk myself into reading photo
books, taking notes on stuff I want to try, and hopefully, talking someone
into taking photos with me. It's hard to find people who want to be helpful
and be my subjects.
Also, I need to keep convincing myself to not order photo books from Amazon.
I really really want that new David LaChappelle book. And I really really
want that big new Annie Leibovitz book. And I think I had been looking at
some Joel Peter Witkin stuff. I might be wrong on that. This is why I keep
lists of things I want. Cause if I relied on me remembering it, I would
never find things again.
The talking myself out of buying these thigns thing has been going pretty
well so far, actually. As I know I need to save money and pay down my Visa.
Plus now I have worries that my car is on its way out and I don't know what
I will do about that. I'm giving throught to trying to do a car that runs on
vegetable oil. I want one.

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