~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

cold, picture stuff

I'm cold again today. My hands are yucky. Not enough water apparently. So I
feel kind of crunchy. I don't like rubbing lotion/cream on my hands when
they feel all dry like this because it feels to me like its still crunchy,
just crunchy with a greasy layer on top. It works better if I softem them up
first with warm water. But that would require a trip to the bathroom and its
too far away for me to bother.
I forgot to bring a water bottle again today. Erin was nice enough to bring
me a bottle back up when she took her morning trip down. I waste too much
money this way. Better to waste the dollar and have the water I guess. Must
stay hydrated (ish).
I finished a roll of 35mm on Sunday. I don't know what's on most of the
roll. Maybe half of it? So it will be interesting to develop it and see. But
I don't think I want to do that roll first. It's been too long since I've
done any and I'd rather practice on something I care about less. I also
finished a roll of film in my Holga yesterday. That might be what I do
today. It will (hopefully) be easier to roll, since it's a shorter roll. And
if I mess it up, it will probably be less of a loss. I think. I should
acquire chemicals and just start doing the film part at home when I can.
That I ought to be able to do in the bathroom. I don't look forward to
having to develop today with everyone else. Maybe it won't matter. I haven't
done it in so long I'm probably really really slow again.

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