~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

morning, cold, car, photo

Sleepy. Didn't run as late as I would have expected to. I was surprised. I
had to make the coffee, wash my frying pan, tear my spinach, slice my
mushrooms, in addition to the stuff I usually would have been doing in the
I finally remembered to bring in Jake's gloves that usually live in my car.
He forgot them in my old car and I kept them. I don't really feel bad about
it. I bet he would have lost them somewhere else. So they have a good home
now. They're dark gray like my coat and feel like wool. Now if I could just
get around to making my little rice bags, I would probably have nice warm
hands in the morning when I'm scraping my car and driving in the cold.
I got my car partially done yesterday. There's still a bit left to be done
with my tune up and there is still the noise. But I'm glad the oil is
finally changed and I have new sparkplugs. When I got done there, I went to
Mike's and he fed me and then helped me work out my proposal for converting
my class to an independent study. I have a couple specific bits of
information to add (my student number and the actual class name & number)
and one sentence that I'm not quite satisfied with. But otherwise, I like it
and I'm glad to have gotten it done.
Today's BPAL (link) selection: Miskatonic University. Usually I try to
figure out what I'm in the mood to wear, but I was in a hurry today so I
just decided I would wear whatever I pulled out first.
It is pretty cold this morning, but clear, and there was no scraping needed
on my car. That's always a plus. I don't like my scraper. Do they make
lightly heated scrapers that make it easier to scrape? I'd like one.

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