~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

snacky, class

I forgot my goldfish crackers again today. This time I had them ready and
sitting on the counter and then left without them. Ah well. I do have apple
sauce still but I've been putting off eating it as long as possible because
I'll be here for another hour yet.
Today I have to bring my camera and a roll of film to class. We'll probably
get our first assignment for this weekend. I know what it was last time and
(I think) in the color class too, so I have an idea what to expect, but not
what to do for it. I signed up for a locker last time and I grabbed my lock
yesterday. I have plenty of stuff to put in there already.
I think I'll eat my apple sauce now. My tummy is grumbling.
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