~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

sleepy, snacky

My computer here does not want to cooperate this morning. At least not to
let me look up "herkamuir" on Google.
I would like a nap. Last night was another couldn't sleep night. The last
time I remember looking at the clock it was after midnight. I went to bed a
little after 10:30. So grrr there too.
I have goldfish crackers. And they are not stale! My breakfast also was a
success. An egg scrambled with baby spinach and sliced mushrooms and then
melty with cheese, sausage, toast, and Strawberry yogurt. Which sounds like
a terribly large breakfast. But usually I'm sitting here by 8:30 wishing for
food. And eating junk because I never did so well with that healthful
snacking. Currently, along with my jolly ranchers, I have in my desk drawer
apple sauce, mandarin orange segments and trail mix. So it's not as bad as
it was the last few weeks.
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