~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

grumblies this morning

  • I dropped my socks into the toilet. This is probably a sign I need
    to clean some of the pile of clothes out oft he bathroom. But Grr. And Ew.
    Should I admit that I will still wear them when they dry out? It was freshly
    flushed. I'm not re-washing socks for that.
  • The cats broke my butter dish. This on it's own is enough to make me
    grumbly. But wait! There's more! I was in the bathroom when I heard the
    crash and when I went out to look, I couldn't figure out what they had
    knocked off the table. Then I realized it was my butter dish. Then I
    realized that my butter dish was in many pieces of varying sizes all over
    the kitchen floor. Then I realized they were happily going for the butter.
    Then I was fighting with the cats trying to scoop them up and get them out
    of the way as they were trying very hard to eat buttery shards of glass off
    the floor. They went out to the sunroom (though somewhat unwillingly; they
    still wanted to eat the glass) and I went to work with the broom and then a
    moist wipe to try to get up the little bitty pieces that suck so much when
    you find them in your foot.
  • Already running late, I finally arrived at work and couldn't get in
    because my key card wasn't opening the door. Then another guy showed up and
    his card wasn't working either. But he had a key for another door and was
    coming around to let me in when the librarian happened by and let me in
    first. So I waited til he came through, told him that and thanked him

I hope that the morning will go better from here.

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