~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

mostly photo related stuff

Yesterday I started to get things ready for my class. It starts next Tuesday
so I thought I'd do it while I had the chance. I looked over what I had from
the last time and made an order online - paper, film, negative protector
sheets- then went to evil Wal-Mart for a notebook, binder, and clear
protector sheets with holes to go in a binder. I still need a plastic
portfolio. I don't remember where I got the one I had before. It may have
been Walmart but since it would have been a different time of year, they
probably would have had a better selection. So I'll go somewhere else.
Last night we had a pot of tea and watched the Wedding Singer and I got to
bed nice and early. I should have the opportunity for an early bedtime again
today. Yay to that. I'm staying over a bit here at work and later I'll go
work on pictures. Sunday I did someone's senior pictures. Well, I attempted
anyway. Had a couple things go wrong, one I should have thought about (iso
setting) and one I just can't do much about until I have more money to blow
on photo stuff (lighting resulting in color that needs much correction). So
I'm going to see if I can do a re-shoot this weekend. I do have some things
to work with but not as much as I was hoping for. I will see what I can do
to set up backgrounds in the sun room to make use of the natural light,
which should work out much better. Until I have the proper equipment,
shooting in the basement just isn't going to work out well for color. Nifty
for B/W though.
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