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things to do, grrs, and shorted time. - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
things to do, grrs, and shorted time.
I don't know why I got away from doing my daily post here. But I suppose I
should go back to it. It might not be terribly interesting but it beats (for
me anyway) nothing at all. Soon I need to call circulation and see if I can
get all my paper stuff fixed. I am a little grumpy that I'm still having
problems. I was grumpy enough that I was having problems in the first place.
It was cold this morning. I need to get some little hand warmers made. And I
need to get my car fixed. And I need to clean the bathroom sink/counter.
It's kinda icky looking. We always clean up the Hello Kitty bathroom because
that's the one that people always see.
This week I need to figure out how much I need to stay over and when I ought
to do that. So let's see. Today I don't think I'll feel like it. If
yesterday is counted the same way last monday was, I'll be about 1.9 hours
short for the week. Which seems dumb to me. Do I try to mark down 1.9 hours?
Or do I just work an extra 1.5 and give up that .4? I suppose I ought to do
the 1.5 just to be safe so I don't accidently go over. I don't think they
like that.
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