~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Gifty list

From my dad, Donna, John & Ashlee:
  • Santa candle holding figurine
  • Santa wreath
  • $40
  • Fuzzy hoodie with Eeyore, which I exchanged for a stool to use when taking portraits and a powder compact
  • kitty photo frame
  • super soft fuzzy pink socks

From Mary:
  • live frog habitat
  • kitten and puppy calendar
  • book: Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, by Betty MacDonald and Hilary Knight
  • 3 rolls of film (400 Ultra Color, 125 PlusX, High Speed Infared)
  • Hello Kitty coffee maker
  • Hello Kitty water dispenser
  • Apocalyptica CD (has Ruska on it!)
  • gift certificate to Saginaw Photo inside a little plushy snowball/moose- sounds weird but the moose is super cute!
  • gingerbread man socks
  • gold sparkle candle
  • old Sissy Spacek movie (also has a very young looking Henry Winkler!)
  • soft, pink v-neck sweater
  • red filter for my 28-80 lens
  • 72 Prismacolor pencils
  • book: Nifty, Thrifty, Kitschy Crafts, by Leah Kramer
  • book: A Beautiful Bowl of Soup, by Paulette Mitchell and William Meppem
  • Cadbury chocolate

From Mikale:
  • 3 cute tiny figurines (photos to come)

From my grandma:
  • Hello Kitty coloring and activity book
  • Hello Kitty dish set
  • bracelet

From Steve:
  • KitchenAid stand mixer (pink!)
  • Magic bullet (the processor/mixer thing from the infomercials)
  • table/mirror/lamp combo set for the living room
  • audio book: Barrel Fever, read by David and Amy Sedaris
  • book: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by John Boyne
  • Betty Crocker bake and fill cake pan set
  • Twinkie bake set, which I exchanged for a Yankee Candle tart warmer, a pumice stone, a few wax tarts for the warmer, some tea lights, and a little pack of candy for my grandma
  • Lush gift set: Happy Christmas, including Bob soap, Christmas Party bomb, Green Wing bomb, Holiday bubble bar, Twinkle bomb and Puddy Holly bomb

From Barb & Harry:
  • mosaic candle holder with tea lights
  • gift certificate for two months paid on a storage shed

From Steve's family:
  • travel bag
  • Fraggles season 1 DVD
  • Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas DVD
  • amusing glue stick
  • blue fresh smelling candle
  • Hello Kitty note pads
  • white chocolate cocoa
  • cute little snow man mug
  • Lush gift set: Snow Wonder, which included Champagne Snow Showers jelly, Egg Snog lip balm, Holiday bubble bar, Wish Upon a Star bomb, Snowcake soap, Christmas Kisses bubble bar, Mr. Butterball bomb, and a Puddy Holly bomb
  • a large W charm, which I haven't figured out where to hang just yet
  • beaded christmas bracelet
  • red, appley smelling tealight candles

From Mike:
  • lovely, soft green throw I admired when we were out at an antiques place one day
  • soup mixes, including something I can't find around here any more but have looked quite hard for
  • Jolly Ranchers and Lemon Heads
  • B&BW Caramel Popcorn 3-in-one gel and lotion
  • book about snowflakes that was actually going to be someone else's but I really liked it

From work peeps:
  • candy and soaps from Sarah
  • votive candle in holder from Cindy
  • Stationery set from Nancy


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