~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

chilly, christmas plans on the brain

I'm cold right now but I'm wondering if that's because I'm tired. It works
that way sometimes. I woke up mid-dream. That always seems to make me fee a
little less with-it than I ought to feel.
I'm trying to get a list together of things I still need to do for
Christmas. I'm doing alright though. My grandma I think came up witht he
best idea for food. Cold salads- pasta, potato, tuna, etc. She left me a
voice mail yesterday. I need to call her today and tell her what a fabulous
idea I think it is. I have a couple ideas for what I'd like to make. I don't
know if I'll do one or both. Guess that depends on time and ambition.
I'm putting things on on my list as I think of them so it's a weird jumbled
list. But if it helps me not forget about things that will be good.
I need to get ahold of Barb and make sure she and Harry are planning on
coming. I'd be very disappointed if they didn't.
Mary is supposed to be meeting me after I get out of work and we are going
to do cookies and crafting. Dammit. I forgot to look for cookie bags when I
picked up christmas stuff yesterdays at grandma's. I know those bags must be
there somewhere. And if I'm lucky they aren't crumpled or icky.
Also, still working on healing.

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