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the big day: my tubal ligation

Tubal ligation: link one, link two, link three

This was taken from an e-mail. I didn't want to type it out twice.

Yesterday I got up later than I usually do- 6:45 when Steve got up for work.
I took a shower and waited for my grandma to come pick me up. I expected her to be early. She usually is. She got here just a little after 7:30. Turns out she had trouble finding the street she was supposed to turn on. But we weren't running late or anything. We got to the hospital a few minutes before I had to be there (which was 8) and I got directions to where I needed to be. I got set up in a room with a bathroom to change into my gown and get them a pee sample. My grandma stayed for a little while but then left until she'd need to come and pick me up. They got me set up in bed with this warming gown. I don't know if you've seen them. Kinda neat. The gown is this thick paper and has a couple places where hose can be fitted in that blows warm air in. (found a link: http://www.bairpaws.com/arizanthealthcare/bp.shtml)

I watched the Today show while I waited to be taken up stairs to pre-op. It was dull and I felt my brain turning to mush. It wasn't even good worthless TV. Plus I hadn't had my coffee cause I couldn't ingest anything. So I was a little tired anyway.

So finally they took me upstairs and I met more people. I got my IV put in. She got it in my hand but when she put the numbing stuff in she lost it and so she ended up putting it in my arm. So I got stabbed twice. It was easy to ignore it in my arm though. So that was alright. Then I met the assisting doctor. I think her name is Dr. Lei (pronounced Lee) and she, after hearing I was 26 with no kids, went to talk to the doctor (Dr. Hazen) I saw when I went for my pre-op exam appointment a few weeks ago. So he came over and talked to me and I was able to match name with face then, cause I didn't remember his name. He went through the whole thing again 'I talked to you before, tried to talk you out of it, said if you ewre my daughter I'd tell you not to do it and you're still sure?' me: 'yep" him: 'and I told you all the bad things there were to tell you?' me "yep" him: 'alright then'
He did have a bit of humor at least. So I didn't hold it against him. I resented it more from Dr. Lei. It's like I'm here in the bed gone through everything I needed to do to get here and you're still giving me trouble about it! Grr. But that satisfied her and we moved on. I met the anesthesiologist (sp?) and I was given a "relaxing medication" in my IV and then they moved me to the operating room. They put an oxygen mask over my face and told me to take a deep breath and I heard the doctor say he usually didn't have them put it all the way flat to the face when the patient is healthy and I think I said something like 'good' and told them that I remembered having one when I was really little and being freaked out by the mask. They told me to take a deep breath twice and the next thing I knew I was being woken up in the after room.

I did not want to wake up. At all. I was so so sleepy. And I had a hard itme keeping my eyes open. I sat there for I don't know how long and that part is very fuzzy. I remember being surprised at the time and thinking it was later than I expected it to be. They gave me ice chips.
Then I was wheeled back downstairs to the recovery room there. Don't know what time that was either and I don't really remember the ride. After I was there a little bit they brough mt a cup of ice water, some soda crackers and some graham crackers. I tried nibbling a graham cracker but it was hard because my mouth was so so dry. I also started feeling nauseated. I sipped my water and burped quite a bit. Then my grandma showed up and stole my soda crackers. I didn't want them anyway so it was ok. She had a cat scan the day before and hadn't really been able to eat much else.

She was all impatient. She's like that when she's the patient too though so it's not like it was just for me. She's like 'aren't they letting you go yet?' The nurse in charge of discharging me was whispering that if I wasn't ready yet I didn't have to go. But I hadn't thrown up yet and all I really wanted to do was sleep so I decided to try. She had me sit up and move to the chair. I sat there for a few and got dressed. Slowly. Then threw up. I went and emptied it into the toilet and the nurse (I think her name was Debbie) came back as I came back out. I sat for a little more and then got into the wheelchair. Grandma was still rushing me and Debbie was still telling me I could wait but I said I'd try. She sent me with my aftercare instructions, and a throw up pan and some tissues, a bottle of water, and some lip balm. My grandma and I both had to sign my discharge sheet and my grandma went to get the car. Debbie wheeled me downstairs. We were talkign about my grandma as we went and I told her she's just as bad when she's the patient. She said 'she's so cute'. Then she wheeled me out to the car and wished me well. I threw up a few times in the car. So I was glad to have the thing to do it in. I emptied it out the window.

My grandma dropped me off, I went inside, changed into pajama pants and went to bed.

Mostly I slept. I woke up every hour or two and got up to pee a few times. I felt sick to my stomach when I got up and I had a headache that I suspect was because I skipped my coffee. I worried about that but there wasn't anything I could do about it. When Steve came home I tried to drink some coffee but I only managed about half the cup. I also had a few sips of peppermint tea which I hoped would help my stomach feel better. In between I slept. Around 8 or 8:30 I finally talked myself into getting up and Steve drove me to the drug store to get my prescriptions (they gave me Vicodin and 600 mg ibuprofin). I threw up once on the way there and though I was going to lose it in the store as i was waiting for them to get me my stuff. Only the one was covered by my plan first stuff so I paid for the ibuprofin. But I didn't care I just wanted to get out of there and get back to bed. I was very close to asking them where they had a rest room cause I was gonna throw up. I managed to get out ok though.

I went back to bed when we got back. Around 9:30 or so I had a tiny bit of soup and took one Vicodin and slept from 10 til about 2, which was the longest I slept at any one time. I got up to pee at 2, took an ibuprofin and then slept about an hour or two at a time until I got up at 6:30 this morning.

My headache finally went away and this morning I had soup, toast and coffee for breakfast.

So that's that. I'm sterile now. Wee!

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