~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

warm last night, stupid knobs, surgery stuff

Last night I was actually too warm, which seemed odd to me since it was cold
outside and is usually pretty chilly inside too. As I was leaving this
morning, I figured out why. The front door was open. As in not just
unlocked, and it *was* unlocked, but open! So I'm guessing that the heat
must have probably been on just about nonstop last night.
I don't like the new door knobs. We got the locks changed because Matt's set
of keys (which had the address right on it) got lost. But the new knobs
annoy me. You have to unlock them to get them open and they don't always
catch when you close them, unless you slam the door. I think that is what I
will start doing.
Yesterday I got my blood taken for my pre-surgery lab work. I also received
my instructions for the big day. Wee! Only a little more than a week away.
More about that later. I have stuff to do now.

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