~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

furniture moving

Yesterday Steve and I moved firniture. Wee! The day before I bought a couch
for my grandma. Saw an ad in the paper the day before for 2 couches and a
chair, $60 each for the couches and $35 for the chair. So I went to look at
and then bought one of the couches. They could have sold them for much more.
There is not a thing wrong with it and it will make my grandma quite happy.
This is actually Mary's christmas plan for my g-ma. A new couch and carpet.
The dog did a lot of peeing on things before she died. And so the carpet is
icky and we had to get rid of the couch. So there is a lack of thigns to sit
on in the living room. But it will be better now. We got a little trailer
from u-haul to pick up the couch.
Also yesterday we picked up the new lounger that is actually going to live
with Steve and me. It is squishy and comfy, though a little ugly. But it's
ok. The kitties are having a good time with the new stuff. The couch and
chair are on order and should be coming in either the week between christmas
and new year's or the week after that. Furniture wee! Then we'll need
Almost time for me to go. I'm ready.

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