~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

appt, dinner last night, kitten, snacks, Sequence

Today at 3 I have my pre-op appointment for my tubal. I think I'm going to
meet with the doctor and get set up for the actual procedure date. Moving
forward. This is good.
Last night I went to dinner with Mike at Terence's. His cooking makes me
happy. So yay to that. Salad, chicken and macaroni & cheese. I like cheese.
The baby cat was playing with his shadow yesterday. He was chasing it and
pouncing on it. It was every bit as silly looking as it sounds.
Saturday I acquired a popcorn popper. Yesterday I popped a batch, lightly
misted it with vegetable oil and seasoned it with a little garlic salt. So
today for snacks I had a bag of popcorn and I have a fruit cup to have a
little later.
Also on Saturday, Mary and Mikale came over and we all went to evil Wal-Mart
(where said popcorn popper was acquired) to look for Sequence, a game they
didn't have. Mary ended up going to Toys R Us to get it. We played most of
one game but Mikale started to feel unwell and they left before we finished.
Poor Mikale he was all headachy and vomity. He was feeling much better
yesterday though.

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