~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

vet appt., movies

Today should be a pretty full day. I'm picking Mikale up from school. Then I
have an appointment at the vet (at 4:00) to take KittyKitty and Billy.
KittyKitty is still having tail issues. He's still bleeding and still ouchy.
Billy has a cough and he's lost weight. KittyKitty may have to have a bit of
his tail nipped off. :( Poor KittyKitty.
Saturday we went to dinner for Mary & grandma's birthday. Grandma wanted
Chinese food. Worked for me. :) In attendance were g-ma, Mary, Tom, Mikale,
Barb, Harry, my uncle, John, Steve and me. We had a good time. It wasn't a
late night and afterward, Steve and I stopped to get movies. We rented The
King (which we watched that night), disc 3 of Big Love, Drop Dead Sexy and
Just Friends (I think that's the name of it. With Ryan Reynolds and Amy
Smart. And Anna Faris. She amuses me.) So that was yesterday pretty much.
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