~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

smooth today, work to do

Today is going pretty smoothly so far. I managed to be running late this
morning and didn't get to enjoy any of Steve's mom's pumpkin bread that she
sent him. I did get to eat a ham sandwich though. And not lose part of it to
the cat. Bonus. Work hasn't been as busy as I worried it might be. I figured
there might be people calling to find out results from yesterday's voting
but there have only been a few calls. Maybe they're getting calls downstairs
at the main number. I'm at the main number for the newsroom but it's not the
main main number. So I get the calls they transfer to me but not every call
that comes in. I'm ok with that.
The volunteer stuff came in early this week so I can work on that today.
Usually I can't get to it until Thursday or Friday and Friday is when I'm
supposed to be done with my pages. I still have some weddings and
engagements to do as well. So I can keep myself busy today. Wee!

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