~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

KittyKitty, today stuff

Another appointment for KittyKitty today. For real this time. Yesterday he
would not allow himself to be caught to make his appointment. Until, of
course, I had cancelled the appointment. Five minutes later I had him. Grr
at cat. So my grandma was going to keep him locked up until he could be
taken today. His appointment is at 4:30.
So today, as far as I know, I am picking up Mikale. Then I'll have about
half an hour to just hang out until I have to leave with KittyKitty. By the
time I'm done at the vet's and get him back home it will be getting to be
late-ish (for me anyway). Tonight I'll try going to bed when I feel sleepy
again. That worked out well.
Oh! And I can register for my class today. I'll do that when I get out of
work. My earlierst time is 1:00 and that's when I get out so it will work
out well.
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