~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

to-do not done, nose bug, early bed, bpal sell pics, KittyKitty ow

Unlike the day before when much was accomplished, yesterday's to-do list was
mostly neglected. I took the cat food to my grandma but didn't change the
lightbulb, didn't make the magic pee stuff and didn't wash any sweaters or
the button down.
I have some sort of probably boogery bit in my nose that feels like a bug
when I breathe in sometimes. But it goes nowhere when I blow my nose. Grr.
I went to bed really early last night. It was fabulous. I took a shower, had
some sleepytime tea and was in bed by 8:40. So I've had plenty of sleep for
a change and it pleases me much. That's my inner old lady coming out again I
Oh. Besides not accomplishing my to-do list, I actually did do something. I
finally took pictures of all the BPAL stuff I
have to sell. They're all resized and ready to be used when I get around to
putting stuff up on ebay. I need to make a list of all of them and grab the
descriptions from the bpal site and forum. Then I can get to listing. I
might put up the list one last time here before I do since there have been
quite a few additions since I last did. So anyway, what that means is that I
didn't completely waste the day.
I am worried about my KittyKitty. He has a gimpy bleedy tip of his tail and
I don't know how he got it that way. He needs to go to the vet but there is
no one to take him today unless my grandma can squeeze it in after she gets
her check and before I bring Mikale by. But that would mean having to take
him with her to do all her shopping. So I don't know if that's going to
happen. Otherwise she would do the shopping before I brought him.

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