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today (work transitions and pictures)

I made it to the TC a few minutes early for once... so it was good not to have to rush... walked down the familiar hallway to the familiar room and noticed wuite a few unfamiliar names on the lockers outside... went inside and met a new aide, Diane... I liked her, she was quite nice... and I felt pretty welcome and comfortable around her...
diring the morning the class was split up into different groups... one group went to Red Lobster to fold napkin/silverware, one girl went for a hearing test with her interpreter, a few students had to get physicals for the Special Olimpics...
While we waited for it to be time for them to go down for that, we/they folded pizza boxes for Little Caesars. Diane took one student with her to drop the boxes off and I took the rest (5 students) down to the physical room.
They had free time after that waiting for the others to return, and waiting to go to lunch...

I went to the mall and had fake chinese food. yay for fake chinese food! after lunch I met them down in one of the ADL (adult daily living) rooms and they did some cleaning and brushed their teeth and stuff...
After we went back to class we decorated some ornaments to put on a paper tree thats part of the decorations for the dance next friday...

Diane brought out this pair of glasses thats someone had given so the class could appreciate them... they looked like the cardboard 3D glasses but when you looked through them at christmas lights they appeared to be surrounded by angels. very very neat.
so I took pictures!

I also received a picture and love note... been a while :)

Mikale is starting to come down with a cold and he spent his time going from really bouncy to really bleah.

I went into the bathroom to pee and found Katy bing weird. So I took pictures... and KittyKitty came in and I took some of him as well (the one from a little while ago was one of those)... I think he happily ate a ladybug he found on the floor...

katy being weird, sitting in a bucket.

KittyKitty being cute and KittyKitty

I hope I'm not coming down with something too... i can't really tell... when I'm here I'm sniffley but often when I leave and sleep somewhere else it goes away... so I dont know at the moment. this snifflyness sucks though.

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