~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

hetero vs. not

Hopefully LJ won't decide to eat part of my post this time. Yesterday's poll
queston was if same sex couples should have the same privileges and
obligations as hetero married couples. I am a little disappointed in people.
17% (41 votes) said yes. 83% (200 votes) said no. Some of the comments for
the no side annoyed me. Whoever came up with that stupid 'God created Adam
and Eve, not Adam and Steve' thing ought to be kicked hard in the knee. Lots
of people talking about how same sex couples are against God or the Bible or
somethign similar. And ok so believe that. But that should be between those
individuals and God. Let's see what else.
"Perverts deserve no special treatment"
"There would be too much room for fraud." There were a couple like
that. As in, same sex peple could then marry just to get the benefits. And
hetero people can't??
"Why reward a chosen, demented lifestyle?" Do most people choose who
to be attracted to? Cause I certainly never have.
"They shouldn't have privileges at all."
"They need help, not praise for their sick behavior."
"Thet's ridiculous."
"Marriage is between a man and a woman so they can procreate" and
"When same-sex partners start procreating, then they can have the same
privileges as heterosexual couples."
So... If you don't plan to have
children, or if you are physically unable to have children then you
shouldn't be ablet o get married either right? Even if you're hetero?
"They're not the same; they shouldn't be treated the same."
"What happens to our future?"
Then there was one long one that said something about the problems if
same-sex marriages were recognized. How it would open the door to polygamy
and person-animal marriage. I am bothered that there are people who equate
non-heterosexuality with person-animal marriage. Um, what??
I get that not everyone will understand non-heterosexuality. But how can
people take it upon themselves to say they know and understand God, enough
to speak and act for Him/Her?

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