~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

haunted things and weekend grr at cats

Grr at cat. This weekend anyway.
Saturday we cleaned a ton. Steve's parents were in town and wanted to come
check out the house progress. Of course there hadn't really been much to
speak of, though we did get the table since last they visited. So we
cleaned. Every room and it looks fabulous. Perhaps not as fabulous as it
would if there were furniture and if all clutter were organized and put away
but most of the clutter is gone and the rest is at least arranged neatly.
So that night we went to Will & Terri's and had pizza before heading out
with Mary and Tom to do a couple haunted houses.

We went to one in Mt. Morris that was ok. The wait was better tham most.
Instead of the usual line, there was a big open area and you had the number
of your group for the hay ride on your ticket. Then in the open area it was
set up with a carnival atmosphere. There were creepy people wandering around
(including a couple little round clowns) and a guy doing card and magic
tricks and a little snack stand where you could buy a slice of pizza.
The rest was just kind of eh.

Then we went to one in Flint that was one of the better ones I've been to.
Creepy, pretty long, low visibility, dripping water, creepy looking scary
people. A lot of things that I would include if I were going to make or
design one.

We got back late. When we did, we realized that we had accidently shut Jack
in the section with the office, the blue bathroom and the bedroom. Jack,
lacking a litter box, chose to pee and poop on the bed. We had made it that
afternoon (a rare thing) and so it didn't soak down to the mattress. So we
peeled off the necessary top layers and made do with the rest of our

The next day the cats were both in the bedroom. Usually they are banned but
we were in there too and so it seemed safe enough. Until I looked over and
saw Jack squatting on the bed peeing. Perhaps there was some scent remaining
that he could smell but we couldn't? Or he's mad at us. Or we're not keeping
the litter box clean enough? I don't know. We've been scooping and changing
the litter frequently. He also peed in a couple other places in the
basement. Always on top of things. Once on a plastic bag and once on a piece
of plastic that I had hanging from the ceiling to use as a photo backdrop
and never took down. This morning I witnessed him peeing in the litter box
and told him how fabulous I thought that was. Not sure what his deal is.
Guess I'll just scoop as often as I can.

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