~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

stupid combos

So I decided I could use a snack and went downstairs. I managed to get
combos stuck in my throat and couldn't get change out fast enough to buy
water to push it down so by the time I did, it was thoroughly stuck and I
just ended up spitting up all over. Combo bits and water. Took me a few
tries before I could get water to go down. Fortunately there was no one else
down there. Though one guy passed through and I don't know what he must have
thought with me down there, tears on my cheeks cause my eyes were watering.
But he didn't stop and I am very glad. On my first spit-up, I choked on the
water. After that it was easier. I didn't try to take in as much.

Note to self (and not for the first time either. Self just doesn't learn):
don't eat too quickly.

That made my throat hurt.
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