~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dry fingers, bpal, no class, busy

I have dry fingers. Hangnails. I was trimming one and accidently made myself
bleed. Hate it when that happens. I trim them cause if I don't, I end up
messing with them, picking, and hurting myself more cause it will rip. Would
be easier if I could just leave things alone. My other ebay packages were
waiting for me when I went home yesterday. Wee! I ended up with 5 ml bottles
of Midway, Pink Phoenix, and 2 bottles of Trick or Treat (which is what I am
wearing today). I didn't think I would win both bottles. It's a good thing I
like it. I'm not so fond of the Pink Phoenix. Will sell it then. Still no
luck on the class. I don't know if I should keep waiting to try to get into
it or just sign up for Photo 1 again. That's what i was goign to do anyway
when I thought I didn't have a chance to get into Photo 2.

I have a lot to keep me busy here today. I think we're walking tonight. I
need it so this is good.

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