~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

jeans, pumpkin, shoes

My throat is sore this morning. I was itching it in my sleep. I should have
gotten up and gargled with listerine. That usually helps with allergy throat
itch. But when I woke up and noticed it, it was already about 4:30 so I
didn't want to get up.

I was thinking yesterday (fretting, really) that I start class in a week and
I'm down to one pair of jeans that I don't even like. This is no good. I
really really hate shopping for jeans. I often end up too big for regular
sizes but too small for plus and I don't want to wear old lady or mom
jeans. I don't like shopping for pants but I know I really won't like ot
having anything to wear to school.

I need to give worm medicine to Pumpkin. I forgot to take some when I was at
home the other night. My grandma offered it to me so I wouldn't have to go
buy a whole bottle just for her. She also needs to be de-flea'd. Steve
bought some Hartz stuff but I don't think the cheap stuff you can buy on the
shelf is as good. She needs Frontline. So I guess I'll just have to make a
trip somewhere to get some. This morning I cleaned up kitty vomit from the
carpet. It looked like a long furry turd. Hairball vomit is so gross. Does
any of that hairball stuff you can feed them actually work? And if it does,
*how* does it work? Or woudl we be better off just brushing her often so she
picked up less hair when she washes herself?

My new shoes rub on a couple of my toes and the back of one of my heels but
don't squish my toes into numbness. Mike suggested that I put a piece of
folded paper between my heel and the shoe, inside my sock, while I break
them in. He claims it works. I'm willing to give it a try. Better than just
accepting my blistered heels, I suppose.

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