~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,


So I got my car looked at. Harry replaced the water pump and serpantine belt. He said another 20 miles and my engine would have been cooked. So I guess it worked out just barely. So that's good. I stopped home just briefly before going there. Now I'm back at Steve's, have just had leftover chinese and am thinking about bed.

We bought a vacuum cleaner today. Looked for a table. No luck. I bought shoes that hopefully will not make my toes go numb. They felt like they might work. Stupid wide feet. I also got a couple towels for the hello kitty bathroom. Still need to take pictures of it. Not that it will do much good if I keep not doing anyhting with them after I take them. I have ugly peaches to make into smoothies tomorrow. I'm getting tired.

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