~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

dream- skating, rings, bike

In one part I was at Brockway roller rink with Stephanie, Aubrey, and Desi. We were skating and then Aubrey and I both took off our skates. I don't remember if we were just taking a break or if I thought we were going to leave. But then later Aubrey had skates on again and mine were gone. So I was sitting by myself on a bench while they were skating. Then I noticed Neil behind me at another bench and I hoped he didn't see me or wouldn't come talk to me. I pointed him out to the other girls when he came back and there was something with him and Desi that had happened a long time ago (so said my dream, anyway). I think he did come over and talk but I don't think I said anyhting to him.

I don't remember what happened after that. The next part I remember was me, Desi, and Stephanie leaving and going to a white van that was supposed to be Stephanie's. I was in the back seat and Stephanie and Desi were in the front.

I think it was while we were driving that I started having problems with my rings. The one on my middle finger (the one that David gave me) started to crumb le on the back, as though it were just wearing out and disintegrating. And I was really really upset about this. Also, they just didn't look like gold any more. It was like they were losing their glow, their shine... whatever it is that makes gold look like gold... and just falling apart, flaking, crumbling. So I took the David ring off and noticed that the one on my ring finger, the one I got from Neil (though not as a romantic gesture, particularly not on my part at that point) and it was colorless and didn't look like gold and diamonds at all any more. I was trying to clean it with a soft tooth brush and tooth paste and it didn't do anything. I was upset about both.

In another part, I was again riding a bike. I was going to someone's house but I had to go through a part of town that I wasn't entirely comfortable with but in the day time it was fine. I knew I wouldn't want to come back at night though and I knew that I would have to stay there. But I wasn't worrying about it. I had some food with me, I think, but I can't remember what. Somewhere in there I'm remembering a bowl of pasta-mayonaise kind of salad that someone had set something on. But I wasn't carrying that.

I don't know. It was just weird.

Steve has gone to get biscuits. And probably the trailer for tonight too so it might be a while before I see breakfast.

ETA: Ok, never mind. He's back.
Tags: dream

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