~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

sleepy, Pumpkin

I'm sleepy today. I got to bed later than I ought to have and then woke up
quite a few times. I don't know how I'll fee by the time I get out of work.
I have a few things I need to buy, I might want a nap, and if I feel up to
it, I ought to go home (g-ma's). I promised to put together some Lush
samples for someone and I need to grab some perfume decanting stuff. Right
now I'm leaning toward the nap.

This morning I had peanut butter on toast and a banana. The banana was too
ripe though. I think I might have to cut and freez the rest of them for
smoothies and just buy some more.

I got to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday. Yay to that. Most of Saturday I
managed to not do much. I went to Walmart and bought a bundt pan, a mixing
bowl, mixing spoons, a lidded cake holding thing, a card table for my
grandma, and a cordless phone for my grandma.

I spent Saturday evening at home (g-ma's). Mary and Mikale came over and had
a fire and sparklers. Mikale brought candy. They had gone to Bridgeport Days

Sunday Steve and I went shopping for Pumpkin supplies. We stopped for
breakfast on the way. I had some breakfast burritos but they used italian
sausage instead of breakfast sausage and so were yucky-ish. Steve was happy
though. Steve picked up Pumpkin and brought her back to the house. I left
shortly after. When I got back later she was meow-meow-meow-ing and sounded
very unhappy. She's not used to being so alone in such a big house though. I
felt bad for her. Steve said they hung out earlier. She napped on his lap in
the TV room. But he had the door closed and she ended up peeing and pooping
in a box in there. He said some pee leaked onto the floor. He used some of
his super cleaner on it. Hopefully that took care of it. Perhaps just in
case, we'll have to pick up some of that pee spray. Urine gone. The name
kind of amuses me.

I got to bed around 12. Pumpkin woke me up several times. She knocked the
fan over. Then she was meow-growling at Pat's cats. I don't know if it was
Stumpy or the little girl one but I think it was the girl. Apparently
Pumpkin didn't like them. Then she knocked over something else in the other
room. And there might have been more meowing after that. I dont know. I'm
just tired this morning. Hopefulyl it will get easier. We might have to get
her a companion yet.

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