~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

allergies, yesterday stuff

My left eye has been leaky. Stupid leaky eye. Stupid allergies. At least I
can be glad that most of the time I'm alright. Getting on a good drug
routine helped. Not sleeping at my house (much as that makes me sad) has
probably also helped. I'm chilly today. My hands are cold. I am wearing
Gluttony. Mmm bpal...

The Chickadee was alive until sometime in the half hour before I got there.
It's sad. Poor bird. Matt came over to finish the vents yesterday. This is
good. This weekend Steve and I are going to make sure the house is equipped
with things for Pumpkin's needs and then try moving her in. It will be weird
having a cat there. Went walking last night in Bay city with Mike and
Terence. I need to do more walking. I think I might start bleeding today. I
started feeling mildly crampy last night and had a bit of pre-bleeding. Mmm.
I went to the post office on my way home (g-ma's) and checked my box and
mailed out a package.

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