~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

snifflies, naughty Pumpkin

There was a little wrapped package on my desk this morning. I just opened it
and it's a box of Butter Hearts!! I am pleased!

I got enough sleep but I'm feeling a little tired-ish because I took a
decongestant this morning cause I've been allergy-y and had allergy
sniffles. Stupid allergies.

I went straight home(g-ma's) after work. I ate brownies, clared out some
email, read LJ and gave my desk a much-needed cleaning. The under the desk
part still could use some attention but at least it's all better than it

I didn't get anything too exciting in the mail- some address labels. I need
to get some post cards ready to mail out.

Bad Pumpkin caught another bird. This time a baby Chickadee. It's so little
and cute! Hopefully still doing ok. It was pretty perky when Ileft yesterday
around 5. This rescue was by my grandma. I think she's ready for Pumpkin to
move out.

Matt has committed to doing the vents today so hopefully soon we'll be
convincing her that she wants to be an indoor cat.

I put gas in my car on my way to Steve's. I didn't expect him to be there
cause he didn't answer when I called to tell him of Pumpkin's latest
misdeeds. He forgot to grab his phone when he changed after work, though, so
he was around. Spent a quiet evening doing not too much. Had taco bell for
dinner cause I didn't feel like a lean cuisine and that's all there is. Took
a shower before bed and got to sleep at a pretty decent time. And a yay to

The pizza boxes are still on my counter. I'm not touching them. I worked
around them yesterday and that's what I'll do today.

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