~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

running late again, bathroom organization

I'm a little chilly right now. And I have to pee. I managed to be unning
late again today. I started off so well. I might have to stop showering in
the morning. It's nice to start out the day feeling so fresh and clean, but
not so nice to start it running late. Every day. Or maybe I need a timer
that tells me how long I've been in there. Or a clock I can see from there.

There is old pizza on the counter where I do the mail. I do not like it when
people leave junk there. Then I have to deal with it and I don't want to.
Stupid junk. Stupid people. :(

I went home(g-ma's) right after work. I won an ebay auction for a bottle of
Sugar Cookie '05 and it was there waiting for me. Yay! She sent it super
quickly! I played around online most of the afternoon. Steve and I planned
to get together for dinner, so I left around 5. We went to Applebee's and
then to Walmart. I bought some Strawberry scented deoderant. We needed an
extension cord for the stuff Steve bought to de-basement the basement. I
need one for home(g-ma's) too so I can stop stealing the one for the fan. I
wanted to do somethign about the bathroom counter clutter and the
unusability of the bathroom closet so I bought a set of three small plastic
drawers. As I pulled it off the shelf, the top two drawers fell out and I
was knocked on the head. :( It hurt. Stupid drawers.

I got the bathroom looking organized and lovely, though, so I'm pleased
about that. On one side of the counter I had all kinds of lotion and body
sprays and on the other, all of my daily cosmetic, facial care, hair
doo-dads and such. Now the body junk is in the newly cleaned out closet
(which before was full of stuff that didn't need to be in the bathroom at
all). The rest is in and around the drawers. I should take pictures. It
looks so nice. I'm still looking (sort-of, when I think about it) for things
to complete the hello kitty bathroom. I should take pictures of that too.

I got t bed at a decent time and don't feel tired for a change. Always a
good thing.

Maybe I won't ait for the mail to arrive. I feel like I'm going to pop. That
would be icky.

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