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Looks like my time of easier ballot boxes is going to end. The computer that
handles the printed reports is back, though not yet set up to automatically
spit out the reports. So today was still fast. Tomorrow things will probably
be back to normal.

I was cold when I woke up this morning. I'm glad I took the fan out of the
window last night. In one of he dreams I had, my grandma and I had another
dog and it looked just like Peaches, but it wasn't her. It wanted some tasty
treat and I was asking my grandma what to give her because she didn't like
peanut butter (Peaches did) and I said to her 'I miss Peachie'. There was a
lot more to the dream I think but that's all I'm remembering.

I spent most of the afternoon at home(g-ma's) yesterday. Nothing too
exciting going on. I checked email and caught up on some online reading. I'm
getting back into the mood to read books but don't usually feel like doing
it there because I'd have to do it at the table and I prefer to recline to
read books.

I'm feeling a little itchy and allergy-y. Stupid allergies.

I need to go give more money to the Ruffin center. I thought I was set when
I left thursday but the giy who does the billing called me yesterday saying
that they hadn't sent out my lab stuff and needed me to pay the balance. I
told him to go ahead and send it out and I'd be in today to pay.
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