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fair, movie - ~*Crushed*Glass*~
fair, movie
My throat is itchy. Otherwise I'm doing pretty well. I got up around 10, have taken a shower, dressed, had coffee. I'll be leaving in about 15 minutes.

I ate so much not good for me food yesterday. We went to the fair. We rode things, looked at things, ate things. They had a supertall slide, mirror house, small roller coaster that was kind of scary, if only because it was at a county fair and those rides always seem a little scary (though a guy working there told us that that one is up all year round), bumper cars, ferris wheel, assorted spinny things that would probably nauseate me... Mikale dragged Steve on some of those.

We were there almost until it closed. Last night Steve and I rented and watched Final Destination 3. It had some definite eww parts.

Been trying to hydrate today. I need to pee.

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