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I am full of food. Steve and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast. Instead of just getting biscuits to go as we've been doing on Saturdays lately. Today we're supposed to be going ot the fair with Mary and Mikale. She's supposed to call me back in a couple hours. Today I am wearing my octopus necklace, made by the fabulous girlpirate. I dig it.

A little story from my drive back from work: There is one corner that has a stop sign and if one stops where one is supposed to one cannot see down the street far enough because of a tree. I'm ok with this. I like trees. So I usually go up a little past the stop sign to see. So this is what I did yesterday. There was a lady driving down the street at this same time and she must have thought I wasn't going to stop because she slammed on her brakes, layed on the horn, angrily pointed at the stop sign and, if I read her lips correctly, called me a jackass. I was like woah lady, what's your deal? I'm stopped! But, I can see, from her perspective, why it might look like I wasn't going to stop. But I was stopped. I did stop, and it had nothing to do with her angry honking. So there.

I took the car seat to my house(g-ma's) later in the afternoon. I made a BPAL order. I ordered one thing from the carnival, some imps of the new general catalog stuff, and two chaos theorys. There are new Lush lip balms and I want to try them but I do not need any at the moment. Actually, if I'm willing to be truthful about it, I'm probably set for lip balm for about the next 10 years, even using it as much as I do.

I talked to Mary when she came to pick up Mikale. We went for a short walk. I need to do more of that. I came back here (Steve's) and we watched some Sliders and I ate Taco Bell. Then it was bed time. I was tired and it was so nice getting to sleep. I love weekends. Tomorrow I'm going with Mike to the antique store where he bought my gazing ball.

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