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car, damp ick, girlie appt., bird, walk

My car has been heating up. I should (and will) put water in it before I
leave work. Hopefully I'll see where to put it and not have to feel (or
look) stupid. I don't know that that's what it needs, but it's a better
guess than nothing.

This morning I woke up at 5:30. It was a little disappointing. Usually I'll
wake up earlier, often around 4:00 and then happily roll over and sleep some
more. Couldn't do that this morning. So sad. I was dreaming of my old house.
I didn't go in it but it was there and I was in the driveway.

I was trying to find underwear for today and I grabbed some out of a bag I
had brought them to Steve's in. They must have been damp-ish when I put them
in and then I forgot about them because they smelled strongly of that damp
moldyness that my bedroom at home smells of. Ewww. Fortunately not
everything in the bag smelled that way. So it won't all have to be rewashed.
Still. Eww. Also, the basement at Steve's smells basementy. And that
basementy smell has travellled up he stairs so the area around the doorway
to the basement stairs smells basementy too. I'm thinking a dehumidifyer and
a fan should help that. It's been so humid lately.

I drove straight home(g-ma's) from work. I had clothes with me to change
into. I found something for lunch, checked email, paid my internet bill. I
ordered a 2006 AP stylebook and that was there waiting for me. I wanted to
have one for myself. I have a couple older versions here at work. I think
I'll read it and hopefully retain something. my octopus necklace had also
arrived. Yay! It even matched what I was wearing yesterday. It was unplanned
but worked out well.

I had my appointment with my nurse practitioner lady at 1:30. I had to give
a pay slip update and my extra 5 hours a week chenged my level on the
sliding scale. Not too bad though. I'm just the next level up and pay 25%
now instead of whatever it was before.

I'm up 10 pounds from the last time I was there. I don't know how much of
that is premenstrual blubber. I've felt fat this week. This is not to say
that I don't need to get more exercise. I do.

The pelvic exam was a little more uncomfortable that usual. My cervix was
tipped and she had to switch speculums to be able to see and get at it
better. "Where is your cervix?" is not something you hear every day. I
hadn't had a tetanus shot in over 10 years so they gave me one yesterday.
Carolyn also gave me a pamphlet and application for some new program that is
supposed to cover costs of family planning services. So it's another option
to look into for payment of my tubal. I don't know how long it will be
before I hear back from the Planned Parenthood people about the grant
application I sent in.

When I got back from my appointment, we drove the bird to Montrose to the
bird rehabilitator lady. She seemed nice. She had all kinds of birds in a
room in her house. She had a baby gold finch. So so so cute. Mikale got to
hold him. I tried to get pictures but it moved around quite a bit so I think
they might all be blurry. She got him set up in his own cage and we visited
with the birds. She said probably a week and a half or so of getting him
ready for release should do it. So I'm glad. He will be fine I think.

I wasn't sure if I'd still have time to make it to walk with Mike and
Terence and I almost didn't. Mike waited for me a little. In my rush, I took
the car seat with me, not knowing that it was the only one they had. I
figured it would be fine for me to just keep it til today. Eep! So Mary had
to drive him home without it and he was all worried. It was gray and rainy
for most of the day but it cleared up at the end and by the time I was on my
way to Saginaw it was getting sunny. So the walk was nice. We got back and
Mike fed me. He's cool like that. My stomach starts to feel like it wants to
eat itself when I don't feed it during my eating week.

Time to sort the mail. Joy.

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