~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

cooler, appt., bird, g-ma health, annoyances

I had a much easier time sleeping last night. It finally cooled down a bit.
And a big yay to that. Today is a 'take the stairs' day at work. You get
coupons for doing it and then can enter them in a drawing. I didn't win
anything the last time. But Taking the stairs is about the only one I take
part in.

The computer that handles my ballot box reports is dead. It's supposed to be
fixed and back within a couple of days. In the meantime, it was another easy
job getting the rest done.

Today I have my girlie exam and then after that I think we're taking the
bird to a rehab lady in Montrose. She will teach him to be a wild bird again
and he will be happy and well.

I went back to Steve's when I got out of work I called my grandma and talked
to her for a while. She worries me. She said she has really been feeling
unwell for the last couple days. The one day she thought she was having a
heart attack. She took an aspirin. She's been having pains, soreness. She
needs a new doctor. She said if she didn't feel better today she'd go. She
said she felt too miserable to get ready to go the other day or she would
have gone to emergency. I'll go there when I get out of work today and see
how she is.

I checked my email and then Mike called to let me know he was back from his
walk. I took a shower, got dressed, was very slow because I was all sweaty.
It made me grumpy. I was just being bothered by things yesterday. My skin
touching together was bothering me. Where my cleavage touches and a spot
just at the bottom of my tummy where it folds a little if I'm standing the
wrong way. I usually am because my posture sucks. It was almost unbearable.
I'll be glad to bleed out the crazyness but it just has to hold off a littl
while longer so I can make my appointment and not have to

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