~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

annoyances, nap, dinner, no sleep

Things that have annoyed me so far today:

  • I couldn't sleep last night because I was warm and had a headache.
  • I couldn't stop sweating to finish getting ready for work the way I
    wanted to.
  • The computer that handles some of my ballot box reports seems to be
    dying so I haven't had all of my vote totals.
  • People are ignorant and annoying. The ballot box question yesterday
    asked if women shoudl be allowed to get the morning-after/Plan B pill
    without a prescription. The handful of people who voted no called it murder,
    or an abortion pill. And a big grr on that.

I intended to go home(g-ma's) but after I had lunch I decided to lay down
for a bit and took a nap that pretty much ate the afternoon. That's probably
another reason I couldn't sleep last night. I took a bath and read LJ and
bust until Steve got home and then we picked up Matt and went to Pizza Hut
for dinner. Matt gave me some olive oil soap that he made at his soap job. I
took a quick shower before I went to bed and didn't sleep and didn't sleep
and didn't sleep. I actually went to bed a little after 9:30. Not that it
did any good.

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